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Hello! We are Digist providing professional courses

Digist is the branch of Helper Students Support Which was initiated with the aim of providing students with the skills which are necessary nowadays inorder to thrive in industrial sector.

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Our Success

Some Successful Courses
Held By Digist .

Successful Hackathon Candidates

Saroosh Zahid

Successful Hackathon Candidates


Successful Hackathon Candidates

Rafay Iqbal

Courses Offered

Graphic Designing

Learning and Implenting Modern Designs By Using Softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and to generate passive income through designing.

Web Designing

This course is designed to teach students HTML, CSS & Bootstrap to design top notch websites with consistent design and optimal performance.

Main Focus Of Digist In Each Course

We are concentrated on the thought that each and every student can accquire addtional skills in order to start earning and our each course is focused on providing such knowledge which enables you to make your mark in online market.